The objectives and key results application is an intuitive way to strategically plan and think through the company problems, and keep the team aligned to the vision.

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Easy idea visualization

Everything is neatly organized, beautifully designed and to get you focused on performances and core objectives.

Custom DSL
Custom DSL

Write it in pure English

The Domain Specific language we use is English. Just describe your thoughts and they will be automatically converted to objectives and key results.

Plan your strategies

The OKR puts all your strategies in one place, where you can think and dive deep into thoughts, while we carry the heavy weights of calculating probabilities and tracking progress and giving you insights.


Many Interested Customers

Many customers are trying The OKR while in Beta. Want to join, with a life-time 50% discount after release. Send us a mail at [email protected]

Trusted Company
Trusted Company
Trusted Company
Trusted Company

Danielle Mayer, business owner, says:

"Support is fantastic. Nothing but great results!"

1-Minute Setup

It takes less than 1 minute to have The OKR account.

Step 1

Go to the app

Click here to go to The OKR application, or on the "Get Started" button above.

Step 2


Click login via Google or Facebook

Step 3

Create Strategy

Create your first strategy and start planning.

Step 4


Share your experience with your team, and invitethem to plan with you. Remember, "Two minds are better than one".

If you need any help, make sure to book a demo.